Brooklyn Dreams / S.T. [MNLP 8002]

Brooklyn Dreams / S.T. [MNLP 8002]
LABEL : Millennium(US)
YEAR : 1977
Cat No. : MNLP 8002
CONDITION (jkt / disc) : Ex- / Ex-

Pete Rock『That's What I Am Talking Aboout』でサンプリングされたガラージ・クラシック『Music, Harmony And Rhythm』を収録した
Brooklyn Dreamsの1stアルバム。

-TRACK LIST-※試聴はsampleリンクから
A1 Music, Harmony And Rhythm   sample
A2 Sad Eyes   sample
A3 I Never Dreamed
A4 Don't Fight The Feeling
A5 Another Night At The Tango
B1 On The Corner
B2 Street Dance
B3 (Baby) You're The One
B4 Old Fashioned Girl
B5 Hollywood Circles
Brooklyn Dreams / S.T. [MNLP 8002]