Quakers / II - The Next Wave [STH2437]

Quakers / II - The Next Wave [STH2437]
LABEL : Stones Throw Records(US)
YEAR : 2020
Cat No. : STH2437
CONDITION (jkt / disc) : NEW / NEW

PortisheadのGeoff Barrow率いる3人組ヒップホップ・プロデューサー・グループ、Quakersの8年ぶりとなる2ndアルバムが前作同様、Stones Throwから2LPでリリース!
その顔ぶれもGuilty SimpsonやPhat Kat、更にはJeru The Damaja等、レジェンドから、Sampa The Great、Jeremiah Jae、Nolan The Ninja、Denmark Vessey等注目の新鋭ラッパー達までと豪華なメンバーが参加。

-TRACK LIST-※試聴はsampleリンクから
A1 Electrify
A2 Start It Like This
A3 One Of A Kind
A4 Sell Your Soul
A5 Bare Essentials
A6 A Myth   sample
A7 This Station   sample
A8 Alive
A9 Heat On It
B1 Double Jointed
B2 Who Dat
B3 Radiola
B4 Gun Control
B5 We Tried
B6 Duck & Cover
B7 Morphine
C1 Approach With Caution   sample
C2 The Streets
C3 Looking For Love
C4 Fa Real
C5 A Quick Fix   sample
C6 Test My Patience
C7 Too Many To Count
C8 Greatness
D1 Hit List
D2 Another Kind Of War
D3 Leaflet Drops
D4 One O’Clock
D5 All Of It   sample
D6 Machine Room   sample
D7 Pain
D8 The Line
D9 Blocks
Quakers / II - The Next Wave [STH2437]